Book Publishing

You can begin publishing your dream in almost no time. We provide several high quality products with countless customization options so you can easily turn your vision into reality. Whether you want hardcover or softcover, black and white or color pages, we make sure you are satisfied with the entire publishing process. Our publishing services make it easy to turn your work into a bookstore-ready product from the comfort of your own home.

5 Step Publishing Process

We receive your order via phone, email, or our website order form.


We do a quality check on your manuscript within 2-3 days and send you a quote.


We receive payment for your order.


We finalize and begin printing your cover and content.


We ship your finished product to you and you keep all of your rights.

Get Started

To get started, schedule a free phone consultation or you can upload your manuscript here to get a quote.  

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Can't find what you're looking for? Call us today and let us help.


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

We will help you market your book to millions using Amazon's Kindle Direct stores online. You will be able to keep control of your rights, set your own prices and change your books at any time.


The e-book market is rapidly evolving and is a great way to publish your book. We offer everything you need to create, format and publish your ebook so you can make it available on Amazon's Kindle, iPad, the Nook, Kobo and more!

Ghost Writers

You don't have time to write?  We will do it for you.  Send us your audio CD's, blogs or videos and we will give you back a book.

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